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IP Connectivity & Transit

Our offers include:
  • Virtual circuit or leased line connectivity
  • Choice of various interface types and speeds:
    Ethernet 100/1000/10000/100000 Megabit/s or STM1/4/16/64/256
  • Copper or fibre ports depending on type
  • 24x7 monitoring of circuit availability
  • Available in at the following locations:
    Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg, London
  • Full BGP routing table
  • BGP communities available to modify routing paths
  • IPv6 connection (native) included
  • Flexible contract lengths
  • Webinterface for traffic monitoring
  • 24x7 support, reachable via mail, phone and ticket system
  • Blackholing available to mitigate (d)DoS attacks
  • Ultra low latency to most important carriers
  • Multiple SLA and MTTR (Maximum time to repair) level to choose from
  • Optional: registration of AS and provisioning of ip space (IPv4/IPv6)
  • Optional: consulting and configuration of routing equipment
  • Optional: rental routers available
Please contact us to receive more information or to request a quote.