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Our team of skilled engineers consists of various specialists who have been working in the IT since decades. Additionally we have access to a network of professionals to cover even the most complex projects in case further help is needed.

We offer consulting for hardware (e.g. implementation, projects, migration, installation) as well asl software (e.g. design, development, programming, maintenance).

Solutions are planned per customer requirements (analysis, conceptual design, implementation). A 24x7 service is available on demand to offer help within any phase of a project.

The most common services are:

  • Hardware (Upgrades and migration of servers, network equipment and infrastructure)
  • Software (Change or update of components, installation, data migration)
  • Security (Analysis and maintenance of network-, server- and software security.)
  • Maintenance (Automated checks, replacements according to SLA)
  • Technical innovations (migration from IPv4 to IPv6)
  • Coaching/training of staff

We offer these solutions in our offices as well as on customer premises. We offer a 24x7 hotline for mission critical solutions.

Request your offer now via email or give us a call.