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Support Services

Having issues with your IT? We can help. Our team of skilled professionals can help to get your business running smooth again. Offers include troubleshooting for both hardware (networking: e.g. IOS/JunOS, servers: x86 hardware) and software (e.g. OS: linux/freebsd, services like nginx/apache/PHP/SQL).

Our support service is available 24x7 with custom-tailored SLA to suit your needs.

We offer various methods of communication, this includes:

  • phone
  • fax
  • online (e.g. Skype, instant-messaging)
  • ticketsystem/helpdesk
  • email

We also offer field services to help with software or hardware issues on customer premises.
Engineers with multilingual skills avaiable (german, english, french).

Please contact us to find a custom-tailored solution for you.